WHEB Radio Covered Sub's Arrival U-873

DE 387 Destroyer Escort
WDE 487 Coast Guard Destroyer Escort
DER 387 Destroyer Escort Radar Picket

This is the U-Boat Vance brought in. 
WHEB Radio Covered Sub's Arrival in NH
Charlie Gray was a reporter for
Portsmouth radio station WHEB.
He later wrote "Surrender at Sea," a compilation of stories on Nazi submarine surrenders.
This is a excerpt from his report.

** It was determined that Fritz Steinhoff, skipper of the 873 was suffering from a heart condition. Here is a bulletin which was handed to me a few moments ago. It is apparent from this United Press dispatch that Kapitan-leutnant Steinhoff's heart condition won't bother him -- nor us -- any longer. Let me read the bulletin:

** "BOSTON -- The skipper of one of four surendered German submarines now at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has committed suicide in his cell at the Charles Street Jail. Army authorities said that Kapitanleutnant Fritz Steinhoff, commander of the U-873, broke his spectacles and used a jagged piece of the lens to slash one of his wrists. Steinhoff was taken to a hospital where he died shortly affer arrival. He was being detained with other captured Nazi submarine personnel at the jail pending transfer to a prisoner of war camp. Army officials said that extraordinary precautions were being taken to prevent similar suicide attempts by other Germans confined to the jail.

This is from another newspaper

Kapitan-leutnant Fritz Steinhoff, 25-year-old commander of the Nazi submarine U-873, which surrendered May 16 and was the second to be brought into Portsmouth, N. H., committed suicide in the Charles st. jail today by slashing his wrists.

He was removed to Massachusetts General Hospital where he died soon afterword. The young Nazi submorine commender broke his eyeglasses to obtain o jagged piece of glass which served as his instrument of self-destruction.

He was being held at the jail to await transportation to a prisoner of war camp.

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