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Pictures Taken on and Around Vance
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Picture 66
Provided by John Sams
Standing watch over a convoy in the Mediterranean
Bridge top
Watching the convoy

Picture 67
Provided by John Sams
Standing on the bridge looking over the port bow.
Bridge top
Watching off the port bow

Picture 68
Provided by
Grave marker located at Fort Denvens, Massachusets.
Friedrich Steinhoff, was the U-873 skipper and committed suicide in the Charles Street Jail, Boston, Massachusets.
U-boat net has all the information you want to know about U-boats.
Bridge top
steinhoffs grave stone at Fort Devens

Picture 69
From a collection of Vance photos held by John Johnson
Photo copy done by our Photographers Mate Bill Woollen,on the right.
The ship is the USCGC Spencer in action when Bill served aboard.
Bill was our PR man and printed one of our first newspapers during WWII.
He also was responsible for the photos that many shipmates purchased at the ships store and he also drew the picture for the Christmas card and notepapers.
Bridge top
Photo copy done by our Photographers Mate Bill Woollen,the ship is the USCGC Spencer in action

Picture 70
Provided by Eugene Gritton
Vance leaving Pearl for Operation Deepfreeze Patrol in 1961.
Bridge top
Vance leaving for Operation DF in 1961 1961_387.jpg

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