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Picture 61
Provided by John Sams
This is the photograph that ran in the newspapers when U-873 was captured. The sub was being towed. I am not sure if Vance is towing the sub; anyone help to answer this? Joe:
The picture showing the U-873 underway is not being towed. We had a crew aboard from the Vance. We are in he background escorting the U-873 into Portsmouth. However the Captian of the Submarine knew all the routes. For your info.
Wm. Jack Jenkins
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escorting the U-873 into Portsmouth. Uboat-~1.jpg

Picture 62
Provided by John Sams
Looking aft at the bridge. That is not a white finger print, it is a censoring mark. It is covering Vance's radar. The dictionary tells us why.
censor: An official, as in the armed forces, who examines personal mail and official dispatches to remove information considered secret or a risk to security.
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The Vance with the radar censored out of the picture censorb.jpg

Picture 63
Provided by John Sams
Looking at a DE off the port bow. Notice that the ash cans have been blocked out! I had never seen cenoring before, but have always heard of it. Joe
Could be this be a "Hot Rod Race Navy Style" as one song writer put it?
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A picture of a DE which has been censored

Picture 64
Provided by John Sams
Three forward gun Mounts.
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Vance's forward gun mounts

Picture 65
Provided by John Sams
Lowering the smallboat
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Lowering the smallboat

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