Looking for a VANCE crewman

Looking for a VANCE crewman
DE 387 Destroyer Escort
WDE 487 Coast Guard Destroyer Escort
DER 387 Destroyer Escort Radar Picket

Looking for a USS Vance weatherman

Hi, I am a Kiwi ex HMNZS Rotoiti and Otago both having been south of 60.

On the Rotoiti we had aboard on loan from USS Vance (as I recall) a weatherman name I can't recall to whom I would after all these years say a a very deep and meaningful thank you.

At 60 south, in foul weather we lost the use of an outer yardarm a UHF aerial being the poor guy in charge of aerials the Skipper suggested I go up and fix it

I could use the tanhoy (PA) and ask for anyone willing to come along and assist me. The only one was your guy on loan to us.

Can you put me in touch. Would be from around 1961 I think!!

Thank in anticipation

Dave Synnott NZ 15844 RO1(G)

davesyn at g mail.com

SKYPE originallostsock

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