Orders Received to Reduce Crew

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Orders Received to Reduce Crew

Sent: Mon 7/19/2010 1:13 PM
From: Bill Miller
To: Joseph Betters,

As you know the Vance was Coast Guard manned during WW2 and was part of my Flotilla. I was a plank owner on the Calacaterra. Either on the Day of the war ending or the day following an AlNave was read over the ships speaker system that orders received to reduce crew to peace time allowance will commence immediately.

I never knew of the system used to pick those to go ashore, But I was one of them. I would guess 15 to 20 personnel put ashore in Hawaii from each of our ships in the flotilla. We were told that the Old Officers Club in Wailupe is our place to check in, we were told that there are no restrictions on liberty and there would be no work assignments. We were told to find our own way home.

I am trying to gather information from others that were on De's of Navy Command to see if the same orders were given. I do not think that happened. I had been told by a Crew Member of the Calcaterra that they left the dock after we were put ashore and lay at anchor for a close to two weeks. They eventually took on Passengers, a group of See Bees, gave them our empty bunks and took them to New York City, arriving, there was a huge welcome party.

Hope you have a few WW2 guys that have an answer.

Bill Miller Sn1/c
Plank Owner
DE 390 Uss Calcaterra

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