Mercury Space Project?

DE 387 Destroyer Escort
WDE 487 Coast Guard Destroyer Escort
DER 387 Destroyer Escort Radar Picket

Anyone have an Answer?

This information was found at

on page 110 or type the word vance into the PDF search bar.

We have no record of this gentleman in our ship crew listings.
Also the Mercury Space Project is something I have never read about Vance being associated with.

If anyone can confirm this billet or Vance helping NASA please let me know.

Brown Moore, David L. 58, April 26.

He served in the Navy, 1959-63, as an ensign aboard the USS Vance, which participated in the Mercury landings in the Pacific.

He was awarded the Gold Capsule replica for his part in the NASA Mercury Space Project.

He was a vice president in the executive consulting firm of Michael E. Marion and Associates and was previously employed in the international and domestic divisions of Merck and Co. He was a member of several Boards of Education for over 10 years, as president for the last three years.

Survivors: wife Gwen, daughters Paige Waite, Julie Hall and Courtney Wylie.

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