Irwin Megargee, Soundman 1st Class USS VANCE DE387    1943 - 45 U-873 tid bits

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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 15:48:44 -0400
Subject: U873
From: Edward Megargee

Hello Mr. Betters:

My father, Irwin Megargee, was a soundman 1st Class on the Vance during the capture of U873 so I was very pleased to find the association site.

I thought I would provide one or two bits of info from my father which the association members might find interesting.

As to the capture of U873, my father always told us that the German's claimed they had been on the surface for many hours trying to attract attention. It was only at night as the sky darkened that their light was noticed (and they were originally signaled to turn off their light as the convoy was still under wartime regulations).

As for the U873 Commander Steinhof, my father claimed the man's family had all been killed during the war and, additionally, he was upset that the officers were treated as common prisoners (as echoed in one item I found on the site).

Regards, Edward Megargee

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