Rick Hinckley

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Rick Hinckley
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?, Rick Hinckley, Jack Gissner
Part of e-mail to John McCabe

My dad went by the name "Rick" Hinckley (from Los Angeles) and he worked in the engine room. My wife helped me locate his photographs from the shakedown cruise. They are mostly of the Panama Canal. I am planning to put all of the photos together into an album that I will send to Joseph Betters for display at the upcoming reunion. Maybe I can scan some and post them to the website. If I need help doing that I can contact Joe.

This picture shows my dad (center, w/long sleeves). Sorry that you can't see his face. I will try and get some of his pictures posted on the web site and maybe you will remember him!

Thanks again for writing to me, John. In this way, and with your help, I can still share in my fathers legacy.

Yours Truly,
Kevin Hinckley

Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 5:45 PM

Kevin, My name is John Roger McCabe. I served aboard the Vance from June 1952 to May 1954. From re commission to de commission. Are you certain he served during the time I was aboard? I have a pretty good memory, I don't recall knowing him. If I can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate contacting me.

With kind regards
John Roger McCabe

The description given by Jack Gissner on his page
CGC Vance WDE 487 docking at the Coast Guard base Sand Island at Honolulu in late Nov. 1952 I am the only one with a face showing. Return to Photos
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