Rougeau, Birthnes -- RM2
USS VANCE DER387    1964 - 67 photos

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Jan Burkholder, Ronnie Breaux and Dunn with the glasses. Not sure what year it was taken.

jan, Ceicle ford not sure who the other two are. Again not sure what year but it was in Hong Kong. (Think the first one is X deck hand that became a cook striker

RM1 Nuembaum photo was taken Mar 1966

bob and I up a tree taken in hawaii Apr. 1968 . Not sure who took the picture since we are both up a tree (smile).

Bob along side his 1958 ford fairland rag top with a 352

me, bob, wynn and not sure who is standing to my right at my car on the pier, take Apr. 68 Just prior to our deployment.

The Bridge     Crew Photo's