Mike G Medlock, EM-3 USS Constant MSO-427   1966

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U.S.S. Pivot.jpg
USS Pluck, sister ship of the Constant.

USS Vance DE-387 Sept 1966 S China Sea .jpg

USS Vance stern view off Viet Nam, Sept 1966.jpg
Hi, Joe,.....I'm not sure of the exact date but the Vance came alongside my minesweeper, USS Constant MSO-427 sometime in the mid to late summer of 1966.
I think the purpose of your visit was to transfer personel.
We were, at the time, just a few miles off shore of S. Viet Nam.
Attached are the only two pictures that I have of this encounter.
Also attached is a picture of the USS Pluck, sister ship of the Constant.
At any rate, happy sailing,....Michael G. Medlock EM-3 (at that time) retired and now living in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of central Arizona